we do

More than 10 years creating content, documentaries, advertising, television shows… Always with the same goal: connect with the audience.


We define the project, who we want to reach and what we want to get with the video. We study everything that we have to know about what you want to tell and plan all the details for the shooting.


No matter what your idea is we can film it. We are technology geeks and are up to date with the latest cameras, lenses, stabilizers, timelapses, super slow-motion, 360 video… There are no limits.

Editing and postproduction

We´re based in Bilbao and in our post-production facilities we have everything needed to take control of all the steps of the process from start to finish. We cut, give rhythm, add music, effects, graphics….

Live events

We have a live studio equipment that fits in two suitcases and that we use for multi-camera capture or live stream via web.
Events, conferences, music shows, sports. The possibilities are endless.

Motion graphics

Whether it is for the whole video or just for a part, 2D and 3D animation can help you showing content which is otherwise hard to visualize, such as software, applications, architecture…