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We have the experience, the technology and the passion to produce moving and engaging videos that communicate your story in the most effective way.

We work together

We work with your team side by side to collaboratively develop new ideas and boost creativity. We learn from you and understand your needs.
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+250 projects

From 1 minute videos to 1 hour documentaries, we are committed to providing equally compelling content.

+100 clients

Small sized enterprises, Not-For-Profits, startups, communication agencies, film festivals… Our customers come back to us again and again.

14 countries

From Cuba to Argentina, from Botswana to Rwanda and from France to Turkey. Travelling and getting to know people is the best part of our job.

We are Zirriborro

Santiago Ron

I discovered the magic of cinema with my father while using our families super-8 camera, and later, with the super-VHS camera making short-videos with my friends. Now we are in the digital world, however, the principles are the same. SD, HD, 4k, 8K, whatever, in the end its not about the technicalities, it´s about capturing a great story.

Jokin Agirregoikoa

I started using my mothers reflex camera when I was 11, a Yashica with a 50mm lens. A photographer once told me not to use the zoom, that it was better to get up close to your subject. That´s what I do when we go recording – get to know the people and show their personality. Santi and Mikel are happy because I almost bring the videos edited straight from the camera.

Mikel Peña

I started here as an intern and have been here since. With every project I learn something new so there´s no time to get bored. At Zirriborro I have the freedom to work on my own personal projects and explore my creativity. They say I´m quiet, however I beleive you learn more by listening rather than talking.